Wednesday, February 19, 2014

4 Questions to Ask When Considering a Home Addition

Although you like your home, do you feel like there's just not enough space? Maybe there's no guest room, no playroom, or just no room for everyone to have their own room. While you made the best of what you already have, it's probably time for an addition. If an addition is doable with your home's structure and site, it's a reasonable and affordable solution. But, there are a number of things to be considered when adding a home addition.

As a family owned and operated business established by Lizzio Development Group which receives many positive reviews, we're here to help guide you in the home addition process. Below are four questions to ask yourself when considering an addition:

1. What type of addition do you want?

You have an array of additions to choose from, which will depend upon the use of the room. Types of additions include a bump out, sun room, conservatory, bedroom, and a garage, to name a few of the most common. Also, think long-term and if the added space will ultimately serve a purpose. You don't want to pay for an addition only for it not to be used.

2. Do you have space?

Once you know the type of addition you want, take a look and determine if you have the available space for it. Depending on the type of addition, the space size may vary. For example, adding a bedroom may require more space than a sun room. Also, consider the best area of your home to place the addition. You want to be able to easily access the room and not have it be an inconvenience. 

3. Will it match your home?

Anytime you add an addition to your home, you want to make sure that your addition design blends well with your home's original structure and style. For example, if your home is made of vinyl, you will need to find that material to use for your addition. You don't want to use material that won't complement your home.

4. Will it increase the value of your home?

While many believe that a home addition will increase the value of the home, that's not always true. A well-planned and well-executed addition will certainly increase your home's value, but a poorly planned and executed one will not only have a zero impact on the value of your home, but it will result in a loss of money. You will wind up paying money for an addition that ultimately hurts the value of your home. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to speak to a realtor first to ensure that the addition is really worth it.

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